Winter Rentals

Winter Rental gear and Demos at ROAM shop Nelson BC

If you are in the need for gear, most of our skis are available for demo and we have the boots and avalanche equipment to help you try them out. Whether you are a seasoned veteran and want new gear or you are eager to learn what this touring and telemarking thing is all about, we have what you need.

This seasons Rental / Demo Skis & Splitboards


Skis w/ AT Bindings ($50/day)
157 Volkl 100 eightw/ Dynafit St165 Volkl 100 eight w/ Fritchi freeride S/M

168 DPS Zelda F106 w/ Dynafit ST

168 DPS Yvette Tour 1 W/ Dynafit ST

170 Volkl 98 w/ Dynafit ST

170 B Crow Navis Freebird w/ Dynafit ST

176 Volkl BMT 122 w/kingpin S-L

177 B Crow Anima Freebird w/ Kingpin

178 DPS 112 Tour 1 w/Dynafit ST Med

178 DPS 106 Tour 1 w/Dynafit ST Med

178 DPS 106 Tour 1 w/Dynafit ST Med

180 B Crow Navis Freebird /w marker 9

181 Volkl 100 eight w/ Fritchi Freeride L

182 Black Crow Anima Freebird w/ Kingpin

183 B Crow Corvus Freebird Dynafit ST

184 DPS 112 Tour 1 w/ Dynafit ST163


Skis w/ Downhill Bindings

163Volkl Secret w/ Squire


178 DPS Wailer F112 w/ Griffon


184 DPS Wailer F112 W/Griffon


Split Boards ($75.00)
158 Blacksheep -Spark


160 Zephyr – Spark


162 Blacksheep- Spark


162 Scapegoat- Spark



(15% off three or more days as well as full touring package-skis, skins, beacon, probe, shovel)

Save time by downloading and completing the Winter Rental Waiver Form

For ABS pack and air bag canister rentals please complete this form  ABS Rental Waiver Form

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Rental/ Demo Prices (per day)
Demo AT/Telemark Skis $60
Demo Splitboards $75
Demo Snowshoes $10
Boots $20
Skins $10
Beacons $25
Shovel $5
Probe $5
Avalanche  Pack $50

Full Touring Kit ( skis / splitboard, boots, poles, skins and avi gear ) $100/day

 ABS Airbag Canister Rental, Exchange or Purchase

ABS Canister & Trigger *Nitrogen

Rental – $25/day with a 15% discount for multi day rentals

  • Canister Exchange – $80
  • Purchase New – $225

*All ABS Canisters are nitrogen filled and must be sent to ABS location in Montreal for refill.