Rob and Michelle - Owners of ROAM shop Nelson BC

Michelle and Robert Stojanowski are the owners of ROAM Holdings Inc. which operates as “The Rivers, Oceans and Mountains Shop – ROAM”.

Together they purchased the ROAM shop in 2004 and became sole owners of the business in 2006. The store has undergone three renovations over the years and now occupies both 639a and 639b Baker St. Together, they have a passion for skiing, climbing, paddling, biking and yes GOLF! They love to share their experiences and welcome anyone to join them in their outdoor pursuits. “Our door is always open” is a favourite expression and has led them to make many lifelong friends in business, pleasure and sport. We hope if you do not already, you will come to love all the things we love about outdoor sports and we welcome you to the Kootenays and ROAM.